Office 365 Exchange Online Forward email to multiple addresses

In General it is not possible to forward an email to multiple addresses.

This command can be used to set forwarding email by an administrator:

Set-Mailbox -Identity “email@domain.com” -DeliverToMailboxAndForward $true -ForwardingSMTPAddress anotheremail@domain.com

But this command does not accept more than one email so in case of a need to forward to multiple addresses either we need to create a distribution group to use its email as forwarding address or another way is to use inbox rules e.g.

New-InboxRule “Forward to Multiple Emails” -Mailbox email@domain.com -RedirectTo @(‘x@domain.com’,’y@domain.com’)

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Message Tracking by Subject

Message Tracking by Subject

Message tracking by subject is more complicated than expected as there is no switch where we can provide subject as a parameter. Instead we need to get the results and then find out the ones with the desired subject.




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Exchange Online Error: The user’s on-premises mailbox hasn’t been migrated

Recently I came across this error when trying to provision a new mailbox for a user. The user was synced to Azure AD in the past and most probably his mailbox was migrated too. But then as the account was not active, it was deactivated and as the deactived accounts OU was not enabled for sync, the user mailbox got soft deleted and eventually after a month’s grace period got hard deleted. Now that the user was brought to active users OU which was enabled for sync, the mailbox was not getting created depsite assigning the Exchange license.

Users OnPremises Mailbox Not Migrated







Error: The user’s on-premises mailbox hasn’t been migrated

The Exchange License was unassigned and re-assigned just to make sure the problem is not coming from there but it did not resolve the issue.

Office 365 License Assigned



















Exchange License Assigned

While searching online I came across a few posts referring to the AD attributes particularly the msexchmailboxguid attribute. In the presence of this attribute Exchange Online thinks that the user has already a mailbox in the Exchange On-Premise so it does not create a fresh mailbox.

















msexchmailboxguid Attribute

In order to create a fresh mailbox we need to clear this attribute. Once the attribute is cleared and user re-synced, Exchange Online provisions a new mailbox for the user. I do not remember exactly if it is absolutely necessary to clear the following other attributes as well but in my case I cleared the following as well:

msExchRecipientDisplayType: -2147483642

msExchRecipientTypeDetails: 2147483648

msExchRemoteRecipientType: 4

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