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Office 365 Exchange Online Forward email to multiple addresses

In General it is not possible to forward an email to multiple addresses.

This command can be used to set forwarding email by an administrator:

Set-Mailbox -Identity “email@domain.com” -DeliverToMailboxAndForward $true -ForwardingSMTPAddress anotheremail@domain.com

But this command does not accept more than one email so in case of a need to forward to multiple addresses either we need to create a distribution group to use its email as forwarding address or another way is to use inbox rules e.g.

New-InboxRule “Forward to Multiple Emails” -Mailbox email@domain.com -RedirectTo @(‘x@domain.com’,’y@domain.com’)

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Message Tracking by Subject

Message Tracking by Subject

Message tracking by subject is more complicated than expected as there is no switch where we can provide subject as a parameter. Instead we need to get the results and then find out the ones with the desired subject.




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Powershell how to read a csv file

Here is how we can get information in a csv file format using Export-CSV command.

Get-ADComputer -Filter { name -like “*searchString*”} | select Name | Export-CSV c:\temp\filename.csv

Once we have the csv file the best command to read eventually this information is not Get-Content but Import-CSV.  Import-CSV reads the individual entries in CSV file and keeps it as an object. So we have to use the format object.atribute to read the value, e.g. as the column header of my csv file is Name, I can read the csv file using that attribute.

ForEach ($Computer In $Computers){Write-Host $Computer.Name}

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Sharp MFP Scan to Network shared folder

On windows 10 in order for scan to network to work we will need to enable SMBV1. By default on Windows 10 only SmbV2 and V3 are enabled.

This is the command to check the status of which versions are enabled


In order to enable SmbV1

Set-SmbServerConfiguration –EnableSMB1Protocol $true

This is the link about enabling the SmbV1


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Useful Windows Commands

net stop spooler

net start spooler



devmgmt.msc      to open device manager
sysdm.cpl             to get computer properties
ncpa.cpl                network connections
wf.msc                   open windows firewall
hdwwiz.cpl           device manager
intl.cpl                  Region and Language settings
lusrmgr.msc        User and Groups


shutdown /r /t 000

shutdown /r /t 000 /c “for updates”

Windows key + D to minimize and maximize the window

Ctrl + Shift + T to open last tab in the browser closed by mistake


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